Fascia Yoga is a progressive mental and physical practice. During the ritualistic sessions, ‘Meditative Introspection’ and ‘Holistic Movement’ follow each other up.

Fascia Yoga group classes are each time based on a different theme, or on a set of pre-defined topics, for the purpose of self-inquiry and deep relaxation.

Fascia Yoga is a practice that helps you to bring the conceptual mind and your physical condition into one discipline and is therefore strong correlated to ‘Bodymind relaxation’.

During the workshops and retreats, the tasks of the coaches is to adapt their meditative guidance and the movement rituals for every group and audience.

The coaches initiate the contemplative process, engage the appropriate settled movements, make sure to involve every participant and give them the right support.

‘Meditative inquiry’, and mindful focus on a specific theme in general, emphasize mental calmness.

‘Holistic movement’ rituals engage the body into the myofascial tension release process called: ‘The Unwinding Process’

Fascia Yoga is a practice that has the power to improve the inner synchronizing qualities of the body and the mind of every individual.

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Alex Mero – Fascia Coach
Introspection & Body Awareness

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Alex Mero

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