DELTAWAVE is a vibrational yoga style that improves the overall well-being through active meditations and mindful stretching exercises.

DELTA WAVE refers to the deep meditative brain frequencies integrated into a waving movement practice.

During a session the practitioner is in a meditative flow, slowly moving from one stretch to the next, switching poses with ease and fluidity.

With practice you learn to sense where release is needed, which position to take and for how long. The movements are fluid and the poses are hold for as long as the body requires, breathing into any area where tension resides. 

Deltawave brings relaxation on the mental, emotional and physical levels. This practice readjust the entire body system, helps to clear up the mind and is highly inspirational.

Regular practices have the ability to bring progressive and profound meditative states, thereby allowing abyssal healing properties to be restored.

The classes and workshops are open for yoga starters as for more experienced yogis who reach meditative states and deep stretching poses more readily.

You can find Deltawaveyoga channels on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.

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Alex Mero

Holistic Movement & Relaxation Guidance