Deltawave Guidelines for Starters

  • Get familiar with the sessions and various movements
  • Select your spot and starting position for each session
  • Breathe slowly and put a hold on all mental running schemes
  • Bring your hands to the bottom of your spine and stand still
  • Feel the pulsations through the spine, creating an adrenaline rush
  • Take deep breaths and connect your inner by visualizing the waves
  • Once you feel ready, close your eyes and allow your body to flow
  • Keep the movement at the same pace during the entire session

Deltawave Practice

Take time to watch the videos on Deltawave channels. There are several starting positions depending on the parts your body is naturally attracted to. Naturally means related to your environment, mood, the time of the day and the many more factors playing their roles.

Deltawave is a process that has no other mental goal than to release stress tensions that bring the whole being to deep rest. Once you’re connected, let the waves guide your movement, sense the pulsating activity in your spine and follow the postures of your preferences.