Meditation in movement & Water rituals


Kessenich (Belgium) and Thorn (Netherlands)

Only 2 km separates Kessenich in Belgium from Thorn in The Netherlands. This is the area where Deltawave Day retreats are organised throughout the year.

A Deltawave retreat includes several workshops in 1 day: 

~ Yoga stretching

~ Breathwork sessions

~ Contemplative walk

~ Water rituals

~ Meditative boat ride

For those of you who would like to stay at the retreat for several more days, the boat hotel in Kessenich ( is a beautiful and practical place to spend your night(s) and continue to enjoy the floating experience.


09.00 Introduction / meditation

09.30 Yoga stretching (in- & outdoors)

11.00 Contemplative walk

12.30 Thorn, visit of the white village

14.00 Breathwork sessions

14.30 Water rituals outdoors

16.00 River meditation on a boat


~ Wednesday July 15th, 2020

~ Thursday July 16th, 2020

~ Friday July 17th, 2020


Alex : Meditation Guide and founder of “Deltawave”

Ben : Zen Master and “Practice” coordinator

Both guides live life on the water, dedicated to the experience, fully engaged in the benefits of Deltawave. Alex and Ben are involved in different social and educational charity programs where they share their time and know-how by offering free Deltawave classes to specific children groups, detainees and more.

Our retreats are based on free donations from the participants to support us in our mission to build a connected Deltawave community through the power of volunteerism. All donations go towards supporting our unfunded social impact initiatives and help us increase the number of people discovering the benefits of Deltawave.

We speak English, Dutch, French and Spanish and are open for co-organization of Deltawave retreats abroad. For more information about Deltawave, retreats, charity programs, sponsorship proposals and other suggestions, please contact us by email, instagram or facebook. (Buttons are down the page)

Thorn, Netherlands
Kessenich, Belgium
White village ~ Ville blanche
Lake of Thorn
Meditation in movement & Water rituals